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My name is Keeton. My family and friends know me as K.C. I am a young man that has a disability from a head injury that happened in 1986 in the Kingdome in Seattle, Washington when I was only three years old. I fell as I was walking down stairs, tripped and fell under the railing twenty-three feet head first onto the concrete below. My skull had cracked so badly the doctors said it was like putting “Humpty Dumpty” back together. After a year spent in the Seattle Children’s Hospital on the rehab floor, I was able to go home. The doctors told my parents I might not be able to relearn what I lost from the fall but they trusted God.
We moved to Portland, Oregon in 1987 and I went to the Holliday Center , a school where I took classes with other young students with disabilities, preschool through first grade. During my first grade year at the Holliday Center I started to take first grade classes at the public school that was next door. I went though first grade again after we moved to Troy a small town in Idaho. That year my sister Hannah was born to join our family of me and my three brothers Rocky, Ross and Aaron. At the age of eight I started to have cluster seizures. We thought it was just a flu but it never stopped. I knew what seizures were since my older brother Aaron had seizures due to a birth defect. In 1992 when I was in third grade my PE teacher noticed that I was being put with students that had behavior problems so he talked to my parents about home schooling me. I was taken out of Yoncalla Elementary and was home schooled till I decided to go to McNary High in Salem my freshmen year and took art and business classes. One class was the school paper. I took photos for the McNary paper all four years. I graduated in the class of 2002.
Now I work as a photographer for Baseball America magazine. I also take photos of ice hockey, volleyball and baseball games at local schools. Ross, Rocky and Hannah all my younger siblings played sports so I had a lot of practice with cameras, film and digital. I continue to learn every year more about myself and my abilities. Photography is a continuing learning process. I also enjoy reading, bowling and collecting sports paraphernalia.
I am thankful to my family and friends for their support and to God for His unfailing faithfulness.

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My history

My name is Keeton. My family and friends know me as K.C. I am a young ...

Updated: Nov 14, 2008 8:30am PST

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